June 28, 2018

Bald Head Island NC Photographers Senior Portrait Pictures

Bald Head Island NC Photographers Senior Portrait Pictures

Oh to be beautiful Bald Head Island NC Photographers of Senior Portrait Pictures with the LOVELY Audrey!
When I think of the perfect High School Senior, this would Audrey! She is beautiful not only on the outside as you can see, however she is just as beautiful on the inside as well. She is down to earth, elegant, yet not afraid to get dirty, she is free flowing, and has the most beautiful smile that shines from within. Corey and I seriously could have spent hours upon hours with this lovely one!

We enjoyed her Senior Photo Shoot throughout Bald Head Island NC.
She has grown up coming to the island since she was a little girl, so needless to say the island is indeed her happy special place.
We enjoyed locations like the Old Baldy Light House, Danced under the beautiful Oak Trees and Magical Palms, we enjoyed moments with her cuddly fur-babies Maddie and Buddy, and free-flowed under the sun-kissed skies on the beautiful beaches of BHI. Audrey’s free-flowing sun-kissed silhouette shot is one I will never forget (she knows why, sharing is caring…right?)

In addition to Audrey’s Senior Picture Session with us, we also enjoyed her sweet family as we added in a few Family Photos along the journey! Wow, what a perfect evening with a perfect young lady and her family!
Such a magical time on Beautiful Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

To Audrey and Family,
Thank you ALL for being so nice and kind to spend the evening with.
Audrey, don’t ever stop being your “beautiful self”
You are so lovely, have the sweetest of personalities and just a pure joy!
We hope you all love and cherish this beautiful photos!
We sure do hope to see you all again one day!
Erin and Corey

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