April 13, 2018

Oak Island NC Senior Portrait Photographers in Southport NC

Oh how fun it is being Oak Island NC Senior Portrait Photographers in Southport NC!

We love photo sessions where we can all enjoy both Southport and Oak Island!
It’s so much fun enjoying our sweet coastal town of Southport, North Carolina and our beautiful beaches of Oak Island, North Carolina being a family photographer with our clients!

During this senior picture photo session we met the sweetest of sweetness, Miss Amber.
Oh my goodness, she was a natural from the start. So comfortable in front of the camera, so elegant, so sweet and simply beautiful! She is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. We enjoy each and every moment capturing her favorite memories in Southport and Oak Island.

Stay tuned for yet another STUNNING photo session with the lovely Amber!!

To Amber and Family,
Thank you all for being so nice to work with.
Amber, you are truly lovely! Don’t ever change that sweet personality.
Be beautiful inside and out, and always be yourself…as you are quite perfect.
We enjoyed each and every moment with you and hope you did with us as much.
Enjoy your beautiful senior pictures, with more stunning ones to come in your “follow up blog” 🙂
…To help remember your moments, we thought you may enjoy a set of FREE Square Prints or a FREE Photo Book!
We adore this company and enjoy them throughout our own home alongside our Snapp-Shot|PASS offered prints & canvases in which we will send you soon in your PASS Gallery!
Erin and Corey

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Snapp-Shot Photography : “Dramatic, Simply Beautiful”

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063southport nc senior photographersSS1_3823-Edit.jpg


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