you get his vision
you get her vision

a Modern Senior Experience









southport nc photographers




✓ 1 hours sunset session

personal online gallery

✓ print & product store

✓ includes 2 photographers

✓ four outfits (3 recommended)
unlimited digital image downloads min. of 40 w/ print rights
✓ mini-motion film
✓ no hidden fees
✓ family finale up to 5 family members.
(OR) ✓ bring a friend

✓ 30 minute sunset session

personal online gallery

print & product store

✓ includes 2 photographers

SESSION ONLY digital image downloads purchased separately.
✓ no hidden fees

✓ 45 minute sunset session

personal online gallery

print & product store

✓ includes 2 photographers

✓ two outfits

30 digital image downloads provided with printing rights
✓ no hidden fees

*all digital images included

no holding back, you get it all!





45 mins

1 HourS

30 mins

The Experiences....

Are you a luxe Type of Gal or girl?

southport nc senior photographer

-Do you Love Fashion?
-Are you Looking for a Slow Paced Experience?
-Time to Change into your Fave Outfits?
-Are you Looking for the Max Amount of Time to be YOU?
-Does your heart desire all of your images?
-How about your moments in motion? Super Fun!
-Do you want to remember your moment with a few family pics?
-How about sharing your moment with a friend?

Does the thought of not having "it all" boggle your mind?
.....if any or all of the above, then THIS is your Experience!

- the Luxe

Are you a luster type of gal or guy?

ocean isle beach nc senior photographer

-Do You Want a Simple Clothing Change?
-Do you want a lengthy session, but don't desire the max?
-Does your heart long to just enough images, but not all?
-Is one location perfectly fine for you?
-Is 45 minutes enough time to be YOU?
....if the above sounds like you, then THIS is your Experience

- the Luster

oak island nc senior photographers

Quite possibly you are a lite type of gal or guy?

-Are you looking for the most simple way to shine?
-Do you want be able to purchase per image?
-Just a simple guy or gal who only wants to showcase one outfit?
-Is a quick 30 minutes just the right amount of time for you?
...if the above sounds perfect to you, then THIS is your Experience

- the Lite

✓ more time to shine

✓ more clothing changes
✓ both of us shooting to provide two visions
✓ more images
✓ bring a friend option
✓ family finale of 5ppl option
✓ finally a mini film to remember your motions

You Asked...
We Answered!

the experience you've been asking for!


wrightsville beach, nc senior photographers
wrightsville beach, nc senior photographers
wrightsville beach, nc senior photographers




earthy, FLORALS, palms, a bit of boldness

simple, neautrals, soft prints, barefeet

FREE FLOWING, CAREFREE, layers, accessories

Oh songful summertime....
This style can be simple, light, airy, form fitting or flowy.
It's plain, it's prints, it's delicate, it's cotton, it's summer.
Soothe your soul and be the Sweet Summertime Vibe!

Oh beautiful boho.....
This style can be funky, can be fun, can be free flowing.
It's prints, it's kimonos, it's laces, it's crochet, it's fringe, it's anything you want it to be! Bring on the Boho Vibe!

Oh bountiful botanical....
This style can be girly, lovely, soft, bold, can be frilly.
It's prints, both delicate and bold, it's dresses, rompers, shirts, and more. Be You in the Botanical Vibe!

recommended FASHION accessories to bring....






Personal Online Gallery


✓ free ONLINE FOR 6 months

✓ product options IN ALL GALLERIES

Your Gorgeous Online Gallery Is a Story Within Itself!
Re-Live Your Moments with Every Image.
Download, Share Socially, Order Prints, Products, and Books!
Full Size, Fully Hand-Edited Images.

Available on Your Computer, Phone App, and iPad.

Why is an experience important?
An Experience is important because THIS moment only happens once in your lifetime. This moment should be more than just a quick photo shoot, it should be your time to shine. Your time to express who you are and who you want the world to see! Rock those clothes, Rock those accessories, Rock that attitude, Rock that smile, Rock YOU!
Why are two photographers important to me?
Many times one may be not as comfortable around a guy photographer or one may not be as comfortable around a girl photographer. With us, no need to choose, you get BOTH! We each have our own artistic visions, we see different images, we see you in a different light, we shoot a different style, we shoot with different lenses, we shoot what our eyes see as photographic artists. After Years upon Years of perfecting our Craft we flow seamlessly together. In conclusion, Two Photographers, Two Visions, Double the Images.
Can I Bring My Camera?
Phones, Cameras , Drones, and Valuables are better left at home as there will not be a place to keep them safe & out of sight. Per Our Contract, Photography is Not Permitted at Our Sessions or our Senior Experiences.
Will I Get Dirty or Sandy?
Yes, you certainly may or may not get dirty, sandy, and/or wet. We try our best to protect your clothing, however sometimes dirt goes alongside a visions style.
Can You Edit My Sunburn?
Please apply sunblock days prior to our photo session. We love you are enjoying the beautiful beaches, however looking like a lobster in your cherished photos is not pretty. We Typically do not offer Sunburn Edits
What Should I Wear?
Our first advice is BE your beautiful self! Let yourself Shine! Express yourself of who you are and who you want the world to see! For more Fashion Inspiration we put together this guide by Clicking HERE --> "What to wear series"
What Should I NOT Wear?
Please avoid wearing lotion to prevent sand sticking to your legs. Sand will stick to you like glue!  Please avoid athletic wear, including reflective polos made of athletic materials. While ruffles are lovely and romantic, large ruffles can be limiting in the coastal breeze.
How Should I Style My Hair?
We recommend having “wind-friendly hair styles" the beach can be breezy & windy. "Wind-Friendly Hair Styles include: hair clips, ties, beachy hats, hair bands, and hairspray if needed.
Can I Show You Pictures on Pinterest?
We kindly ask you do not show us another photographer's work. Our work is truly like art to us and we have a full representation of our style, our look, and the style of photography we provide listed upon our website. If there is a style you enjoy and don't see it on our website...most likely it's not a style/look we provide.
Can I Have My Family's Pictures Included in My Senior Portrait Experience?
We do indeed offer the option of Family Finale or Bring a Friend. With the Family Finale we offer a "few" Family Pictures to our LUXE Session however if you'd like a Full Family Session would need to be booked within a separate photo session on our Snapp-Shot Photography Website.
Can I Bring a Friend?
We do indeed offer the option of bring a friend or family finale in our LUXE Session. The Bring a friend option would be focused primarily on YOU and a Few featured shots of you and your friend together.
Any Other Tips?
One More Tip... In-Season We Fill Up Quickly with a "Waiting List" Get on our Schedule Early!