August 31, 2018

Senior Portrait Photographers Southport NC Oak Island NC

Senior Portrait Photographers Southport NC

As local Senior Portrait Photographers in Southport NC alongside Oak Island NC, we get to meet some of the coolest young adults! Oh my goodness, words can hardly explain how awesome Faith is! As you can see she is simply beautiful, but what you can’t see is how beautiful she also is on the inside. She is the sweetest, most laid back, up for anything girly/non-girly girl. What I mean by this is she has the most beautiful girly way about her without her even realizing it. Wow, if we could all look up to young ladies like Miss Faith, the world would be a much better place! She is truly an inspiration.

Our time with Faith was enjoyed in both Southport, NC and in Oak Island NC! A bit of a laid back, look in Southport. Onto a pop of fun with her oh so cute Romper. Of course not to forget her love of the simplicity of reading a book under a grand old Oak Tree and walking along the water’s edge as her super cute boho look flowed within the winds!
We were indeed faced with a crazy windy evening, but this didn’t stop Faith and her Mom…wow, what a perfect evening for Senior Pictures in Southport and Oak Island, North Carolina! Looking for an Oak Island NC Family Photographer? Check out Snapp-Shot Photography

To Faith and Shannon,
I meant every word written above.
You both were a simply joy to spend the evening with!
Faith you are indeed so beautiful inside and out and such an inspiration!
Don’t ever change, you are perfect in every single way and we can’t wait to see what more you bring to the world!
Enjoy your beautiful photos, more to come in your Gallery!
We hope you enjoyed your time with us and sure do hope to see you two again one day!
Erin and Corey

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