June 3, 2018

Wilmington NC Photographers of Senior Portraits alongside Family Photos

Oh to be wonderful Wilmington NC Photographers of Senior Portraits alongside Stunning Family Photos!

We enjoyed this lovely evening in Historic downtown Wilmington NC along Wilmington’s Waterfront with one of the coolest families! Gavin is graduating this year from Laney High School in Wilmington NC, heading to Barton College this fall, he surely has reason to celebrate and capture this most important moment within his life!
We are so happy his mom Crystal asked us to photograph his Senior Pictures and in add in Family Portraits along the way! So much FUN!

We adore being both Senior Portrait Photographers and Oak Island NC Family Photographers, so to get a chance to combine the two brings such joy to our hearts!

What would a Wilmington NC Photo Shoot be without taking place down in the most historic parts of Wilmington, North Carolina! Old Doors, Old Ally Ways, and of course The Wilmington NC RiverWalk alongside the beautiful Wilmington Waterfront just a skip away from Southport, NC

Gavin and his family were so laid back, so sweet, and just simply a joy to spend the evening with! It was so fun bringing in their cool vibes, laid back ways and just capturing their personalities.
We even got a chance to meet Gavin’s sweet girlfriend who jumped in a fun picture as well! The perfect memories made in beautiful Historic Downtown Wilmington, NC with the Jones Family!

To The Jones Family,
Thank you all for asking us to capture this most important moment within your lives!
We enjoyed each and every one of you and hope you enjoyed your time with us as much.
We hope you love your photos and will cherish them always.
Sure do hope to see you all again one day to create more moments in time!
Erin and Corey

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