June 15, 2018

Wrightsville Beach NC Photographers of Portraits and Senior Pictures

We LOVE being Wrightsville Beach NC Photographers of Portraits and Senior Pictures

As Senior Portrait Photographers in Wrightsville Beach North Carolina just outside of Wilmington NC, we get to meet some of the coolest young adults! KC ventured all the way from the small town of Marshall Minnesota to enjoy her Beach Senior Graduation Photo Shoot with us!

My words will simply not do this young lady justice as she is quite the inspiring young soul. She has been the captain of her highschool swim team, she lifeguards, she is a volunteer at her local vacation Bible School and she has ventured throughout enjoying places like Madrid Spain during mission trips and such with her church! She is quite the adventurous one!

As you can see she is simply beautiful not only on the outside, but the inside as well. She has the most beautiful personality and we hope our photos express how lovely she truly is! She has accomplished so much within her life already, can’t wait to see what she does throughout her life!

KC and her Mom were truly a joy to spend the evening with as we captured her Senior Pics in beautiful Wrightsville Beach, NC. A special moment along her evening with us was when KC wrote a message and placed it within the Wrightsville Beach Mailbox on Shell Island. We of course have no idea what KC’s message said, however she does and that’s what truly matters. She will always carry this message within her heart that she placed within the mailbox. She placed her message amongst many others who too have left thoughts, messages, prayers, wishes, and signs of hope upon and within this kindred mailbox of treasures. Are you looking for for a family photographer along Oak Island Beach NC?

To KC and Mom Kary,
Thank you both for asking us to capture this most amazing moment!
KC, we meant every word written above…you are truly inspirational.
You are beautiful, lovely, and just a joy. Don’t ever loose that beautiful spirit of yours.
Forever be beautiful, forever be “YOU”
We sure do hope to see you two again one day, hopefully our paths will meet again.
We hope you love and cherish your beautiful images of this amazing moment within your life!
Erin and Corey

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